Sore Back? Consider a Chiro?

Is an exercise injury stopping you in your tracks? Maybe you’ve been practicing some bad habits lately, or want to keep a healthy back? This Spinal Health Week (24-30 May) we are asking our patients and community to Consider a Chiro for their back pain.

Back pain is one of the most burdensome physical conditions facing Australians and the prevalence of back pain in society is astonishing. The Institute of Health & Welfare estimates around 4 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems.

With pain being the main symptom of most back problems, it is also estimated that 70-90% of people will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. This can also take a toll on your mental health, impacting your social relationships, ability to work and quality of life.

With the average Australian sitting for more than half their day, this certainly doesn’t help. Your back pain can be triggered by sedentary behaviour caused by inactivity. However, we don’t want your pain to stop you from being your most active self. As a nation of sports lovers and weekend warriors, it’s important that back pain from exercise injuries doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

Living with back pain does not have to be part of everyday life.

We continue to be here for you…

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Allied Health, including Chiropractic has been deemed an essential service. This has meant that we have been able to continue to provide treatment to you.

Because we provide treatment/care, travelling to the clinic is one of the 4 reasons that you can leave your home. So even if your postcode is in lockdown you can visit our clinic if you require treatment, provided you are well.

Stay safe …… and hope to see you soon!


At Footscray Chiropractic Clinic we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our clinic and want to reassure you that we are also taking further precautions especially with regard to recent concerns surrounding COVID-19.

We continue to closely monitor the ongoing situation and will be following the advice of the Department of Health and Human Services. During this time please be assured we will continue to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, especially with regard to our equipment and treatment facilities. 

From you, we ask that you remember to practice good hygiene before, during and after your appointment. Please wash your hands with warm water and soap when using the bathrooms and make use of the hand sanitiser available at reception. 

If you’re feeling unwell, have travelled to a high risk destination within the last 14 days or have come into contact with someone affected, please exercise your due diligence when deciding when to return to the clinic. If uncertain, please do contact our reception team ahead of your appointment.
If you do have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.


Dry Needling

Dry Needling for most is more comfortable than they expect.

At Footscray Chiropractic Clinic we’ve had much success with Dry Needling to treat chronic (long standing) muscular issues.

Dry Needling is a technique used to treat myofascial trigger points (knots in muscles) using an acupuncture needle. The term dry needling is used to differentiate it from injection needling which uses a hypodermic syringe (hollow needle) to inject a liquid into the body. Dry needling utilises acupuncture needles, which are solid, filament needles, to stimulate the muscle fibres and deactivate the trigger point. Generally people either don’t feel the very thin needle or experience a little pinch or muscular twitch.

With Dry Needling, when knots resolve, people experience long term relief from chronic muscular pain. Other benefits include increased strength and greater range of motion of the muscle.